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Larissa is the capital of the county and of the homonymous province and is a commercial, industrial, administrative, transportation and agricultural center of the entire Thessaly. Characteristic are the large squares, pedestrian streets and parks, but also many opportunities for fun.

In the middle of the plain of Thessaly, Larissa was the capital at all times in its history, from ancient Pelasgiotis to date and is the economic, administrative, ecclesiastical and scientific center of the whole of Thessaly.
Important is also the cultural infrastructure of the city, such as the Municipal Art Gallery, the Contemporary Art Centre, the two ancient theaters, the Municipal Theatre, cinemas, the Folklore Museum, the Timeless Museum, GI Katsigras etc.

In addition, extensive pedestrianization of the last decade and the regeneration of the city center and the hill of the Fortress, exploiting elements of tradition, highlighted the city's historical identity and a strong commercial, tourist and recreational activity.

The Theater and the historic center that surrounds it, are from ancient times until today the "soul" of Larissa, with many ancient monuments and buildings. From there we descend to the river Peneus for an enjoyable walk, or in the opposite direction to destination squares Agamemnon Blana and Ag. Bessarion.

From the main square (Mayor Sapka) Larissa starts the pedestrian street Koumas, with dozens of shops. From here, visitors can follow the path to the hill of the Fortress, an ideal place for a drink, eat and walk.
Bezesteni is a large covered market, built by the Ottomans in the late 15th - early 16th century and dominates the hill of the ancient citadel in its current location "Fortress Hill". Today only the perimeter walls of the central edifice preserved.

On the northwestern edge of the city, is the park of the Alcazar, a beautiful and lush urban recreation park with lots of trees, flowers, open sports and recreation, outdoor theater with a capacity of 2,500 people, the famous Garden Theatre during the summer months hosts various theater and musical events.
The surrounding area

The area near the city of Larissa, ideal for excursions and activities. Across the county will find traditional villages, such as Ambelakia on NW slopes of Kisavos, Livadi, Melivia, Metaxochori etc. and you will have the opportunity for alternative activities such as rafting, kayaking and hiking.

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