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Stockholm 5 days

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For the Swedes, Stockholm is considered the unofficial capital of the Nordic region, although the title is also claimed by Copenhagen (which means "port of merchants"). Stockholm, as a city, is over 700 years old and extends over 14 islands proudly facing the Baltic. Full of tourist attractions based on Scandinavian Literature and history for visitors, there are many ways to explore the city, or driver, or yourself, pedestrians, as most attractions are within walking distance between them. The cultural and political Stockholm offered for amazing explorations in the footsteps of the trilogy Millenium, theatrical performances, great food and everything you can imagine

Day 1: | Athens - Stockholm | Tour of the City

Arrival in Stockholm and immediately begin the panoramic tour of the city.The capital of Sweden is known as the Venice of the north because it is built on 14 islands. Stockholm impress even the most discerning visitor with its excellent architecture, the incredible cleanliness and order prevailing, major parks and generally exemplary organization of the city. On our tour we will admire the Old Town (Gamla Stan) with its narrow cobbled, the Royal Palace, Parliament and the imposing Cathedral. Below is the Town Hall, an unusually charming building influenced by different architectural styles, which has established itself as a national symbol of the country. Ypoloipo day free for shopping (very crystal and glassware in stores Kosta Boda & Orrefors), but also to visit the great museums of Stockholm. Choose from the National Museum of Stockholm, the brand new Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Architecture in the tiny island of Skeppsholmen, the famous Vasa ship and the outdoor museum - Skansen zoo which is essentially a miniature history of the country, on the island of Djurgarden. The tower of the end Hall, height 106 meters, offers the most beautiful panoramic views of the city's monumental architecture.After the tour transfer to your hotel.

Day 2: | Stockholm | In the footsteps of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Breakfast at the hotel and we recommend immediately after to experience the Stockholm in the rate of Millennium.Are you a fan of fantasy trilogy of Stieg Larsson on the journalist Mikael Blomkvist and hacker Lisbeth Salander; Ziste Stockholm from the perspective of the characters.The Scandinavian crime novels have been a huge success. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest have sold thousands of copies worldwide and have already made films on this and thousands of fans flocking to Stockholm to see the places where the stories unfold.There are many ways to live the city from the perspective of the trilogy Millenium. One is to take part in the popular and award-winning tour «Stieg Larsson Millennium Tour» in city museum in Stockholm. The walking tour is enriched with facts and interesting stories "tie" absolutely real Stockholm with its fantastic.But even if you want to search for sites on your own, you can. Purchase a Millenium map in the museum of the city and follow the footsteps of heroes. Below you see some important sites in the novels:Fiskargatan 9: It is at this very spot overlooking the Djurgården and the Old Town that Lisbeth Salander buys an apartment of 21 rooms, but left alone to 3. Bell writes «V. Kulla »referring to the home of Pippi Longstocking« Villa Villerkulla »the eponymous fairy tale for children.Bellmansgatan 1: This is the address of Mikael Blomkvist house. The apartment is located in the hills of the historic district Soder. Several key scenes unfold here.Mellqvists Kaffebar, Hornsgatan 78: In Sodermalm usually drink coffee in the Mikael Blomkvis - in real life by Stieg Larsson. Here frequented by Stieg Larsson when the offices of the magazine Expo was upstairs. Maybe ... sitting here and inspired the stories found in short stories?

Day 3: Stockholm | Walk of Medieval Stockholm

After breakfast we recommend to experience the atmosphere of Medieval Stockholm! Where the performer without ears lived? What was Ingrid Honungspotta or "Casserole with Honey"? And he quarreled with their neighbors, the people in the Middle Ages? Follow a tour of Medieval Stockholm breathtaking."Every house hides a living history here," he told us Tina Rodhe, head of medieval museum in Stockholm and one of the guides in Gamla Stan.Every day tourists from around the world come here to hear the sounds of the past and 'lost' in the narrow streets. The houses, the signs on the streets and squares still testify clearly signs of the people who lived and worked here. "We want to bring life to this time transmitting its essence, the images and the smell," says Tina Rodhe.The Museum of Medieval Stockholm is the sole owner of the keys to the cellar at the monastery of Black Monk in Gamla Stan. If you are lucky you will get to the medieval tomb and you will learn about the legends of miracles since the Dominicans.Favorite attraction is the tour history and imagination, with the help of tour guides will see to life the medieval history of the city, stories, myths and murder cases that make you goose bumps! As the time passes and dusk, the skilled in "ghosts" Your tour guide will give you in alleys and places where history meets mystery in the most essential activity in Stockholm!

Day 4: | Stockholm | The ABBA Museum and artistic Stockholm

Breakfast at your hotel today urge to move in the dance and artistic pace of Sweden.The Museum ABBA: Enter and dance till you dropThe Abba Museum is no ordinary museum. Of course, the costumes of the members, the golden discs, original objects, souvenirs and much more are here. In this museum you are an important part of the experience! We just want to feel that you're the fifth member of the band ABBA, to learn how to see with their legendary costumes on stage, singing in studio Polar, can experience exciting illusions 3D and go on stage with the band. Your material will be recorded to your own number on your ticket! So your page is created and you can relive your visit. To see yourself on stage with costumes ABBA, to listen to your song or watch the video with music. Log in with your personal number on your ticket and share photos and movies saved with family and friends.The Royal Dramatic Theatre - Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern:The Royal Dramatic Theatre is the cradle of the "Swedish drama" that is considered by many different theatrical genre whose history dates back to 1788. The current building of the theater was built in 1908 by renowned architect Fredrik Lilljekvist, the artists Carl Milles and Carl Larson added one artistic intervention and for the exquisite interior decor responsibility of the Prince Eugen. The drama school is housed and operated in the theater trained many actors and directors who later prospered at national and international level.Fotografiska Street Stadsgårdshamnen 22: The Museum FotografiskaInaugurated in 2010 and is the largest meeting point for contemporary photography. The reports are considered the best internationally and the site has a restaurant and bar. This period shows the shows the Scot Albert Watson and Jonathan Torgovnik («Intended Consequences»). Tel .: +46 (0) 8-509 00 500

Day 5: Stockholm - Departure | Last Ride.

After breakfast we recommend a last walk in SkyView to leave you with the best of impressions before your departure, the SkyView «at the top of the sphere» (On top of the Globe) is a world-class attraction that will take you to top of the unique spherical building, the Ericsson Globe, a building - a trademark of Stockholm! At a height of 130 meters you will have the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic all-round view of the city! The two gondolas of SkyView has a capacity of 16 people each, leaving every 10 minutes, and the visit lasts about 30 minutes total. They move on rails and is particularly suitable for the adventurous! Cond. Globentorget 2, tel. +46 (0) 8-50835300Ensure the timely Check out from your hotel, transfer to airport for return flight.-Food in Stockholm streetsFavorite places to eat on the way preferred by locals are the ones where you find fantastic traditional Swedish food known as husmanskost. And Sweden does have food on the road in style. Try fine herring in hand and hot dogs cooked with craftsmanship.Signs with foodThe Ostermalmshallen in Östermalmstorg is filled with quality ovens, special cheeses, seafood stalls, market vegetables and fruits, relaxed cafe for lunch - the most typical product of Sweden is located in a stunning building of 1888. Strengths? H heart smoked salmon Andersson Fågel & Vilt's and salami elk. As for the Swedish tradition in seafood? Herring with pickles, smoked salmon, roe and slippery juicy mussels from the west coast of Sweden.To Hotorgshallen in Iotorget is the epitome of cosmopolitan activity in Stockholm. Take the escalator from the Hotorget for a quick sandwich with herring in Kajsas Fisk, a Turkish burger at Izmir or a juicy, spicy sandwich with sausage and vegetables in La Gazelle.Kai Swedish specialties? Bondens Matbod .Thalassina? Melanders.-The favorite neighborhoodGet a good dose of bazaar downstairs Strömmingskiosken near metro in Slussen.Mporeite to masoulisete stromming (Baltic herring), fried or with pickles on crusty bread with mashed potatoes, straight from the bench with all these fish. Getting ready to order and served fresh. It is worth to wait in line.The Östermalms Korvspecialist Street Nybrogatan 55 is a bench in a very small way, with a strategic position near Östermalmshallen where lovable, for every friend of sausage, Bruno owner serves 40 types of sausage with sauerkraut, good mustard and secret of sauces to certainly try. Most orders the classic Coburger Berzelii, hot sausage or a German white sausage Thuringer, put it in a half baguette with extras and devour without shame. Message received.-Tips?The dining opportunities are preferred midday. Embrace the crowds and head to the top of the range between 11.30 and 13.00.-When;The dining areas are open all day (closed on Sundays).

Note: to make the walking tours mentioned in the program with Greek-speaking tour


Flights Athens - Stockholm and Stockholm - AthensTransportation to and from Stockholm AirportTour Stockholm from Greek-speaking tour guideStay for 4 nights in Hotel First ClassDaily rich Scandinavian breakfast.Travel cards with all public transport in Stockholm last six days.Printed material and city mapIt does not includeAirport taxes and fuel surchargeSuggested activities, meals, drinks, gratuities.Anything not specifically mentioned in the included or mentioned as optional.WeatherAlthough in the northern elevation, Sweden has quite mild climate. In spring, summer and autumn has some rainfall, but never rains too. The winter is always snow and frost make, especially as one moves further north in the country! The days tend to be small (fewer hours of sunshine) and "severe" in the winter when the average temperature is -3 ° C in February, which is the coldest month of the year and the sun sets at 3 pm. Summers are sunny with an average temperature of 22 ° C. The sun goes down completely in Northern Sweden (Sun Midnight - Midnight Sun) and light can hold up to 11pm.-Do not forgetSweden is within Treaty Schengen not necessary passport only our identity

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