Thibet Nepal, Sichuan

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Thibet Nepal, Sichuan

Traveling on the highest point on the planet, the landscape takes on a dramatic wilderness extremely impressive hardly compared with anything else. The journey to Tibet, even for non-Buddhist, is a pilgrimage. And of course not meant to narrow religious sense, but the tribute which I pay someone to ascetics of windswept and inhospitable peaks of the Himalayas. In this journey man confronts himself. H forms of the monks is the catalyst for spiritual peace that certainly experienced by the visitor. At the foot of the Himalayas, Nepal, exotic state of the Indian subcontinent, which fascinates with its architectural monuments and liveliness.


Required passport with at least 6 months validity and 4 recent color photos for Visa Nepal and ChinaSchedule & Map

Day 1: Athens - Chengdu

Flight via connection to Tsengktou, the capital of Sichuan, which is the most populous province of China.

Day 2: Arrive in Chengdu

Tsengktou afternoon and transfer to our hotel.

Day 3: Chengdu - Ntazou

In the morning depart for the area of ??Leshan with huge and imposing statue of Buddha, which is the largest in the world and end the evening in the area of ??Ntazou for night.

Day 4: Ntazou - Chengdu

Breakfast we are dedicated to visit the famous caves of Ntazou with dozens of forms of Buddha, a sign of religious devotion and cultural uplift in the region several hundred years ago. In the afternoon we return to Chengdu.

Day 5: Chengdu

This morning our tour reveals a dynamically developing metropolis of Western China where the modern coexists with the traditional. Then we visit the special center where study the habits and protected nice everything is native of the Sichuan region. In the evening after dinner awaits us in viewing experience local dances of Sichuan Theatre of Old Town.


Day 6: Chengdu - Lhasa

Departure by plane for the legendary Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, a city that even today, despite the obvious modernization of, continues to fascinate the traveler with its unique character. The rest of our day is free to relax and adjust to the altitude of the plateau of Tibet (3600 m.).

Day 7: Lhasa

Full day dedicated to exploring the symbol of Tibet, the legendary Potala, the palace was the end of the 17th century the seat of the Dalai Lama, the religious and political leader of Tibet, which is now the symbol of region. The afternoon visit to the church Tzokangk, with the most important Buddha statue for Lamaism dating from the 7th century and the Barkor square that surrounds him, closes one day with excitement.

Day 8: Lhasa

Our day today is dedicated to Ntrepoungk monasteries and Sera that beyond their unparalleled Tibetan architecture are especially interesting because they are living continuation of the religious tradition of the monastic order of Gkeloukpa with hundreds of monks. The afternoon awaits us famous Normpoulinka, summer residence of the last Dalai Lama from where he escaped to India the turbulent years of the 50s.

Day 9: Lhasa

Full day visit to the monastery Tsourpou, just 70 km away from the capital. The monastery is the seat of the Order of "black hat" and although its leader Karmapa Lama, now lives in neighboring Sikkim of India, the entire monastic complex keeps intact the solemn atmosphere of the past.

Day 10: Lhasa - Tsetangk

The journey to the Tibetan plateau begins today since we depart by bus for Tsetangk. The monastery Sammy, oldest in Tibet here where the legendary Guru Ripontse brought Buddhism to the region in the 8th century, and Ntzongk (Palace - Castle) of Gioumpoulangka, oldest building in Tibet, are the most important visits of the day.

Day 11: Tsetangk - Gkiantse

The dreamy landscape of Tibet unfold before us today as between passes of the Himalayas at 5000m. and after enjoying lakes like Giamntrok Cho at 4500m and admire legendary rivers such as the Brahmaputra will approach the afternoon Gkiantse to be our host for today.

Day 12: Gkiantse - Sigkatse

The day begins with a visit to the monastic complex of Palkor which among other hosts and the stupa Pango Tsorten, the most important and largest in Tibet. Then we head to the nearby Sigkatse, where the afternoon we will visit the seat of the Panchen Lama, second in command after him the Dalai Lama. The headquarters of the famous Tasilchounpo is a stunning architectural complex harmony that nails the visitor. The picturesque local market closes more lightly our day.

Day 13: Sigkatse - Segkar

Today we approach the last of the Tibetan plateau since after an interesting route and visiting important Sakya monastery, seat of the guild will arrive late afternoon in Segkar at 4100m. If we are lucky and the weather allows, the majesty of Mount Everest, the world's tallest peak, will be revealed before our eyes just before we get to our final destination.

Day 14: Segkar - Zagkmou

The day today is also revealing. Passing the last kilometers of the Tibetan plateau will begin the exciting descent of the Himalayas where the Indian subcontinent meets the Asian Continent, crossing the famous Nyalam Pass. The Zangkmou that will accommodate us not only is the last city on Chinese soil, but also has a unique style and an Indian world mixed with Chinese and Tibetan in a rare and quite interesting coexistence.

Day 15: Zagkmou - Kathmandu

Leaving behind the last station of Tibet and after passing the last outpost and enter Nepal, across lush landscapes where the monsoon rains have the gigantic vegetation, approaching the afternoon the Katmantou the capital of Nepal.

Day 16: Kathmandu

Morning tour of our charming Katmantou starts from the very famous central square Ntermpar, with masterpieces of buildings that gave the position in the list of world cultural heritage by UNESCO. Immediately after the legendary Botnath the Tsorten (Stupa) center of Tibetan exiles in Nepal and complex Souasoupatinath that dominates the valley of Kathmandu and offers uninterrupted views of, will complete our day.

Day 17: Kathmandu

Adjacent to the kingdoms of Kathmandu and Patan Mpantgkaon flourished in the past, and their deployment to compete in glory, wealth and fame itself Kathmandu led the kings to build magnificent buildings are admired today. The afternoon return to Katmantou and visit the holy place of Pasoupatinath, dedicated to Shiva and area where the cremation in the valley of Kathmandu.

Day 18: Kathmandu - Pokhara

In the morning depart by road for the scenic Pokhara on the slopes of the Himalayas. Arrival & afternoon boating on Lake Pokhara. Experience the serene waters of the lake, with the impressive peak of the Himalayas, Annapurna dominates the landscape is at least enjoyable.

Day 19: Pokhara

Today our day is dedicated to our acquaintance with the beautiful area of ??Pokhara and visit the most important monuments of the second largest city of Nepal.

Day 20: Pokhara - Kathmandu

Back road to Katmantou to visit on the way to Gorky, who isolated on the outskirts of the largest mountain range on the planet nurtured for centuries men polemic their training combined with bravery and strict codes of honor of their lives, were symbol of bravery with a worldwide reputation and acceptance.

Day 21: Kathmandu - Athens

Today starts our journey back to flight connection to Athens, arriving the next day.

Day 22: Athens

Arrival in Athens

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