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Choose a cruise ship trip. Luxury accommodation, great meals and dinners, fun, excursions, good company at the most popular destinations. Ready-made travel deals with specific departures in Greece and around the world. Cabinets are purchased at very low prices and instant confirmation is now available to you. Call us on the phone or send us an email and I will immediately reply ...


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MAZI TRAVEL travels you to the great rivers of the world! Enjoy the unique experience of a cruise on one of the world's famous rivers.
Every moment is a destination. We take you to the hidden gems of Greece. Are you ready to go back in time and surrender to the paths of philosophy, history and mythology? Get our “insider’s” view through our shore excursions and make the most out of your experience. Get to see the places that have marked Ancient History such as Knossos, Ephesus, Grotto of the Apocalypse and the Platane of Hippocrates. Select one of our themed cruises around Culture and Heritage from March till May.
It is full of life and colors, while the ideal combination of white sand, deep blue sea and fresh blue sky makes the Caribbean islands the ultimate destination. Cruises in the Caribbean Your dream can now become a reality
In Western Europe you will cruise along the Rhine, Moselle and Main Rivers through Holland, Belgium, France, Germany and discovering the fascinating history through authentic experiences and comprehensive sightseeing. In Eastern Europe, you will Cruise along the Danube River to the Black Sea through Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria. There's plenty of time to unwind and plenty of opportunities to see the sights of the history of the region.
Luxury accommodation, exquisite meals and dinners, fun, excursions, good company in the most popular destinations.
Sailing on the Greek islands means freedom and adventure. Sunscreen, hat, towel, swimsuit and find your place on the boat to enjoy the most beautiful view.

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