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Travel particularly, multi-day, to destinations outside the ordinary. Places and sites not touiristika. Departures few specific dates, with very good leader, with very few people in unique places.

The natural beauties, often still pristine, the coast of the province of the Cape, the stunning beauty of the world famous Garden Route (Green Route), the Bantu and Zulu tribes that survived until our days, graphics remnants of the first Dutch colonization, rich and contemporary modern cities and the fun in Sun City are the main tourist attractions in South Africa. Top attraction of the spectacular waterfalls along the reaches of the Zambezi. The sight is breathtaking and many called it the eighth wonder of the world.
The charm of a trip to India is connected with the discovery of the human element. The Indians are famous for the tranquility and sweetness. What at first glance impresses the visitor is the absence of coldness and hostility anonymity featuring crowds of the West. The purifying waters of the Ganges purify the bodies of the living, while the fires burning on the banks of, sanctify the ashes of cremated dead
Symbol of the country "Tori", the distinctive element of the Shinto religion that more should rather be considered as a code of moral rules. The dragon, apart from the fact that it is the luckiest sign, considered the god of water and the main symbol of Japanese mythology. The "geisha" which the tender age of ten are taught how to keep company to the people of "tea houses", represent the ideal of cultivated woman, with fine manners and irresistible charm. The very country will impress you for its natural beauty and ultra-modern cities
Traveling on the highest point on the planet, the landscape takes on a dramatic wilderness extremely impressive hardly compared with anything else. The journey to Tibet, even for non-Buddhist, is a pilgrimage. And of course not meant to narrow religious sense, but the tribute which I pay someone to ascetics of windswept and inhospitable peaks of the Himalayas. In this journey man confronts himself. H forms of the monks is the catalyst for spiritual peace that certainly experiencing the visitor
Egypt is the country with the oldest culture in the world perhaps. The pyramids, one of the seven wonders of antiquity, and even today they keep their secrets hidden. Zoodotis the river Nile to the banks of the pharaohs built glorious churches and funeral homes to kings and queens who eftychisan live there. The trip to Egypt, is diving to the culture of humanity. H Aigyptos of history, legend and the past meets the modern face of the country in the bazaars and markets that attract visitors not only for the variety of species but on the skill and finesse of their traffickers.
Persia is considered very important in world history than the damage suffered by the army of the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Mongols and Russians. Continues even today to be surrounded like the people from epic charm. Babylon, Assyria and Chaldea, succeeded in a short time with each other in power, enjoyed a period of prosperity and then declined and disappeared. Persia followed their footsteps, upgraded the Southeast Asia became the center of the empire competed with Greece for European hegemony and dissolved. However maintained its strength, despite the ups and downs of fortune,

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