Imperial Japan, Hiroshima

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Imperial Japan, Hiroshima

Symbol of the country "Tori", the distinctive element of the Shinto religion that more should rather be considered as a code of moral rules. The dragon, apart from the fact that it is the luckiest sign, considered the god of water and the main symbol of Japanese mythology. The "geisha" which the tender age of ten are taught how to keep company to the people of "tea houses", represent the ideal of cultivated woman, with fine manners and irresistible charm. The very country will impress you for its natural beauty and ultra-modern cities. The Japanese will surprise you with their love of order and discipline. A country that certainly deserves to get a closer look!


The only to visit and stay overnight in Hiroshima!
Schedule & Map

Day 1: Athens - Tokyo

Departure via connection to Tokyo, the glittering capital of the "Land of the Rising Sun" which is not only a sophisticated big city but among the impressive modern creations keep "corners" mentioning earlier, more romantic times .

Day 2: Tokyo

Arrival by changing the time in the afternoon at Narita, striking the Tokyo International Airport, located 63 km away from downtown and transfer to our hotel. After dinner, a short walk will give us the first images of the illuminated city.

Day 3: Tokyo

Our tour will start from the Shinto Temple dedicated to Emperor Meiji, who in the second half of the 19th century transformed Japan from a feudal nation to world power. Immediately after the typical Japanese style gardens of the Imperial Palace with its simple elegance will introduce in our psyche of a nation where the operating triumphs of fancy. Immediately after a series of traditional Asakusa district with the church dedicated to the deity Cannon. Finally run the Ginza shopping street with expensive shops and chic cafes, expensive shopping street in the world. For the evening we suggest a trip to the metro to the prestigious district of Akasaka and Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo until the youthful with dozens of clubs who are overwhelmed by Japanese of all ages, showing that "workaholics" city residents sometimes know how to have fun.

Day 4: Tokyo (Day trip by train to Nikko)

Today our excursion will take us to the magnificent Nikko, place of worship and pilgrimage in medieval Japan and famous tourist destination today. Having photographed amid the Holy arched bridge ahead Sinkio ascent to the Temple Tosogkou excessively decorated buildings contrasting with the Japanese minimalism and the mausoleum of Shogun (feudal lord) Iegiasou area was built in 1634 by his grandson. Then Tsoutzentzi lake with beautiful mountain scenery surrounds the dashing cataract Kegkon where the waterfall is 97 meters will fill us with feelings of peace as thousands of other visitors to the region over the centuries. The meal below, with typical Japanese dishes closed with the best one «de profuntis» Japanese experience. Return to Tokyo by train late afternoon. A walk in Gkintza where the predominant illuminated with Neon Lights buildings is a rare futurist hue experience that only the Japanese capital can offer.

Day 5: Tokyo - Hakone (Lake Ashi) - Hiroshima

Departure in the morning, with final destination Hiroshima. On our way we will cross the valley Ovakountani and will get the magnificent Hakone. Here we have the opportunity to enjoy a cruise on Lake Ashi and blue will go up by a special lift mountain Komatagkake with vapors, product geothermal activity subsoil predominate. Later, we will move to the train station Ataman, where we will board the futuristic bullet train. Arrival late in Hiroshima whose name brings back memories of the gloomy last days of the war, but today is a modern city that seems to have overcome the trauma of Atomic Bomb.
Day 6: Hiroshima (Migiatzima) - Kyoto The day will begin today with the photographed portal "Itsoukousima" the island of Nigiatzima, is a Tori characteristic symbol of Japanese culture. Then our tour will continue with the "Peace Park" with the only building that was the point that exploded the atomic bomb on August 6, 1945, the cenotaph in honor of the thousands of victims, the Eternal Flame and artifacts from the tragic those days not only causes emotion but synamma leaves the visitor deeply troubled by the implications of the use of nuclear weapons. In the afternoon transfer to the railway station where the bullet train will travel to Kyoto.

Day 7: Kyoto - Nara

 Kyoto is the most historic and prestigious city in Japan, with a strong imperial past having been the capital of Japan from 794 to mid 17th century. Hundreds of churches and dozens of historic buildings make up the city's cultural heritage. The famous castle Nitzo, seat of the Shogun Iegiasou since 1603, the Sanzousantzento with over 1000 statues of the goddess Cannon and of course insurmountable "Golden Pavilion", the most famous attraction of Japan are the highlights of today's tour. The Nara, the first capital of Japan is today a small but picturesque town with a strong aura of the glorious past. This afternoon we visit there, followed by a visit to the Temple Kasougka Feeding that is built in the 10th century Chinese pace and Tontatsi hosting the huge bronze statue of Ntaimpoutsou (Great Buddha) of 16 meters. Back in Kyoto.

Day 8 Kyoto

Our present day is at your disposal. For your free time, our proposal is a walk in the area Giona, sometime today Geisha district area for entertaining Kyoto citizens, is the best way to complete our acquaintance with the noble city.

Day 9: Kyoto - Osaka

Morning departure for near Osaka, the 3rd largest city in Japan and major economic and commercial center. It is no coincidence that the city is included in years to list the five most expensive cities in the world, the result of money assembly and frenzied activity. Osaka Castle replica of the old castle that was destroyed in the war, the area of ??Umeda with futuristic buildings and Soumigiosi Temple will monopolize the interest of today's tour. At noon we will enjoy a typical Japanese meal in a traditional restaurant. At night, those who endure ... you can enjoy your drink in the neighborhood of Ntotompouri entertainment where the night becomes day by the vibrant colors of Neon Lights nightclub.

Day 10: Osaka - Athens

After breakfast take us to the Kansai airport built on an artificial island and top construction achievement of Japan from where we depart by air via connection to Athens.

Day 11: Arrival in Athens

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Tradition collides with pop culture in Tokyo, where you can reverently wander ancient temples before rocking out at a karaoke bar. Wake up before the sun to catch the lively fish auction at the Tsukiji Market, then refresh with a walk beneath the cherry blossom trees that line the Sumida River.

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