Cultural Persia

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Cultural Persia

Day 1: Athens - Tehran

Departure for the capital of Iran, via connection.

Day 2: Tehran - Achfaz

Shortly after midnight arrival in Tehran and transfer to hotel. In our morning tour we will see the Archaeological Museum, which houses exhibits of Iranian art from prehistory to the Islamic era, with particular emphasis on the brilliant era of Achaemenid and votive plaques, weapons, bronze from Louristan, libations containers, amulets and sculptured stone performances. We will also visit the remarkable Museum of Glass, the original building which dates from the 18th cent., Where we will admire the manifestations of Persian glassworks from the second millennium BC until today. Finally, in a specially designed area of ground of the Central Bank of Iran will admire the treasures of the Shah. (The tour takes place with special permission of the Bank and when the park is open for the day). Dinner at local restaurant and evening departure by air for Ahwaz.

Day 3: Ahvaz

Full day tour of Ahvaz in ancient Susa, important Elamite city from the 3rd century. B.C. and the winter capital of Darius. Then we will visit the ziggurat Zhong Zampil, which dates from the 13th century BC and an important example of Elamite art and Soustar, built on the river Karun and whose archaeological site is historical reference to the important period of the dynasty of the Sassanids. Dinner and overnight in Ahvaz.

Day 4: Ahvaz - Shiraz

Morning departure to Shiraz, the capital of Fars province through Bizapour, where, among others will admire the splendid Zoroastrian Temple, dedicated to Ahura Mazda. Arrival in Shiraz, check in at hotel and dinner.

Day 5: Shiraz

Morning tour to legendary Persepolis ceremonial capital of the ancient Persian Achaemenid dynasty, one of the greatest and most imposing archaeological sites in the world. The foundation in 512 BC Darius A. to serve as a place of brilliant official ceremonies for the Persian New Year, when thousands of nationals of King traveled here from recessive countries, to offer gifts in his honor. Then visit Naks-e-Rostam in vertical rocky slope where there are carved into solid rock at height tombs of Darius I, Xerxes, Artaxerxes and Darius II. In the afternoon tour of Shiraz, a of the major Iranian cities, synonymous of art, learning and poltitismou. Dinner and overnight in Shiraz.

Day 6: Shiraz - Yazd

Morning departure by bus for Yazd, the pearl of the Persian desert, on the way to visit Pasargadae and the tomb of Cyrus. Arrival to Yazd, and check in at hotel. Visit the Towers of Silence, the stone structures on top of which the Zoroastrians placed their dead to be devoured by the wild birds. Dinner and overnight in Yazd.

Day 7: Yazd - Isfahan

Morning tour of the old city of Yazd, medieval Persian city model, registered in the list of world heritage by UNESCO. Then departure Drive to Isfahan, artistic treasury of Iran, with a visit en route to Nain, famous for its famous carpets. Check in Isfahan, the most beautiful, perhaps, the city of Persia. Arrange the hotel. In the evening, stroll to the beautiful, illuminated bridges of the city. Dinner and overnight in Isfahan


Day 8: Isfahan

Today is dedicated to the tour of Isfahan, a city with great urban design, beautiful gardens, palaces, hundreds of magnificent mosques, public baths, libraries, medreses and karavnserai. We will visit include the Palace of 40 columns with exquisite decoration, the famous bridges of the city with their characteristic architecture, the Armenian district, which was built after the invitation of Shah Abbas to the Armenian people in the early 17th c., With Armenian church and the museum hosting interesting exhibits of the history of Armenia. Dinner and overnight.

Day 9: Isfahan

For now we wait for the architectural wonder of the unique square Maid, "half the world" as proud called it the Shah Abbas, who during the time of reaching the most important complex with Islamic Architecture surviving worldwide. We begin the imposing Mosque Imam with gorgeous four eivan his wondrous palace Ali Kapu, from the balcony of which we will enjoy the wonderful view, the only Mosque Lotfolach built for the ladies of the court. Then free time for shopping in the bustling bazaar. Dinner and night one last ride in the city where we will have the opportunity to admire the famous illuminated. Return to hotel and overnight.

Day 10: Isfahan - Tehran

Morning flight to Tehran. Arrival and tour of the Palace Gkolestan, excellent architectural example of the era of Gkatzar and Carpet Museum. Dinner and overnight.

Day 11: Tehran - Athens

Early morning return flight to Athens via intermediate stop.

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