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Plastira Lake -Elati- Pertouli

Lake Plastira: Artificial Paradise 

 On the slopes of Agrafa, half an hour from the city of Karditsa, the vision of a man created the most emerging tourist destination of central Greece. Ideal for days excursion thither ...


As I leave the back flat Karditsa and the car climb Agrafa, vegetation thrives and placing dressed accordingly. The amazing combination of beech, chestnut and fir frees the senses, filled color, smells and cold fresh air.
Soon you will see the first traces of the lake in a valley to the left of the road. I will leave the car and cross the soft soil is covered with a thin layer of greenery, to get in the water. A fishing boat is reflected in the same calm waters mirrored the trees, clouds and huge mountains in the background. In a perfect stillness, as if someone "froze" the time, the lake waters marry heaven and earth.

Lake Plastiras. A beautiful miracle, which owes its existence to Nikolaos Plastiras. Born Agrafon worthy child of the site, is a great idea channel, bringing man into small breeder of this artificial lake. The plateau Nevropolis, large rural area with extensive vegetable crops and cereal products and large areas of pasture were dependent residents of nearby villages, will be drowned in the depths. We are in 1959.

Some houses in the bottom of the lake stand silent witnesses, reminding the past to those who swim in its waters, but also something else: that from the ashes of the old always born the new ...
Waiting to turn green to cross the arched passage that leads to the other side, I admire the dry side of the dam. A curved wall cuts the natural flow of river Tavropos, who otherwise would cross the plateau Nevropolis to come to the Ionian Sea. Its waters are used for electricity production and after their exit from the power station directed to Anarrythmistiki Lake, from which irrigate the plains of Thessaly and is drawing all the city of Karditsa and many villages of the county. The lake is at an altitude of about 800 m. And has a circumference of 40 km.

  Ascend the winding road that leads to a plateau, to enjoy the panoramic views. The colors around the twisted harmoniously like to decorate with a colorful wreath. Going down, dawdle benches have set up local producers along the dam. Above them are stylishly stacked souvenirs and local products such as frumenty, noodles, wine, raki, sweets and honey.

At noon, following the smell of trout, I arrive at the farm in the area Kartsiotis. The road is choked the trees. The gurgle of water sigontaroun hundred wild birds! Splash in the icy waters of the river before we came to the restaurant. A wooden platform that literally hangs over the river serves as a dining area. Underneath runs gurgling water. A huge mountain and lots of trees to protect from the sun.

After lunch I walk up the canyon Kerentan and Gaki cave. It is the most important of Agrafa and is approximately 3.5 km. From the farm. It can be easily reached by car or on foot, its entry however is not easily discernible. A pair of hikers along the road will lead me to it.

The flora and fauna vary according to altitude. Thus, more than 700 m. In the zone of deciduous, there are oak forests, chestnut, maple, etc. and from 700 to 1,600 m. fir and cedar. The area is home to 650 species of the plant kingdom, some of which are threatened with extinction. In the botanical garden located near Neochori guests have the opportunity to become acquainted with, but also to buy herbs and aromatic plants. H fauna presents this much interest. Wild boars, deer, foxes and rare birds of prey such as the golden eagle, live here.
Equally interesting in all seasons of the year, the lake is home to a variety of attractions that can be easily visited in a while. Some villages have been modernized to meet the needs of tourism, offering all the comforts to the visitor, but without altering their traditional character. Comfortable hotels, great restaurants with local delicacies, but also many kinds of activities preclude the bruise. Horse riding, cycling, mountaineering, hiking are just some of the options offered. Simultaneously, games with boats, boats, surfboards and paddle boats fill the lake surface with movement and color!

In Neohori, the largest village in the region, operating center for environmental education, research and information, which receives hundreds of visitors each year. The village is ideal for food and accommodation, and is an important tourist center. Great asset of the lake at his feet and colorful neighborhoods.
The Cherry, completely forgotten by the modern world, impresses. Time here seems to have stopped long ago. I drink hot Greek coffee from the hands of Mr. Pantelis in the traditional village cafe, which is simultaneously the grocery store and evening tavern. People simple, genuine and hospitable to and welcomed by open their hearts.
The afternoon swim in the beach of Pezoula, rent pedal boats, boating, and I am lost in the vastness of the lake.
  At the observatory, at the intersection for Zygogiannaiika, offering spectacular views, I will stay some time by watching. My gaze is lost when the mountains and when the serene view of the blue water that gets its color from the trees and sky.

The monastery of Panagia Pelekiti, built five centuries ago at an altitude of 1,400 m. On steep slope of Agrafa, awe-inspiring with its imposing presence, tightly hugged with a rough rock.
The interior of the unit, with the rare beauty of the frescoes, the secret trap door that served to rescue the fighters during the War of 1821, quarantine areas and the cell in which operated a secret school. Today, the monastery is overseen by the Byzantine Archaeological.

Last day. Muse the lake from my hotel balcony in Neohori. The afternoon gave way at dusk and the sun leans and touches the calm waters. At the touch of getting a purple color. The lights of the village light up one after the other as darkness spreads slowly veils of. The air becomes cooler. Whispers goodnight ...

• Arbor and Zarnavalos Kalyvia Pezoulas

.• Manolis Christos village Belokomytis.

• Kelepouris and Agnanti hotel in Neochori.

• Tsardaki and loggia in place Tsardaki.


 Canoeing, catamaran or swimming in Lake Plastiras (beach Lambero). They have often organized and swimming competitions on Lake N. Plastiras (cross it).Mountain bike: Cyclists can follow many paths of different difficulty levels and through a variety of ecosystems.Fishing in the lake (it only pole). Occasionally, they organize fishing competitions pole.Skiing in Karamanoli or ski location at the forest roads (Mountaineering - Ski Group Karditsa). The Mountaineering - Ski Group Karditsa offers equipment rental, snow scooters, lift, etc.Climbing the mountain of Agrafa via routes starting at the Mountain Refuge Agrafon, Sanctuary Elatakos or villages in the area and result in peaks. Information is provided by the Mountaineering - Ski Club of Karditsa and the Greek Mountaineering Club of Karditsa.Riding at facilities located on the road from Morfovouni to Kryoneri, along the shoreline of the lake or forests.Caving in the cave "Gaki 'visit as the cave entrance (free). Exploration of the cave accompanied by special speleologist (required).The wine tourism as a form of rural tourism is promoted through the traditional "Festival of wine" of the Municipal District Mesenikola through programs (Interreg COHESION) and by entrepreneurs - residents.

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