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Individual travel in Thessaloniki

Individual trip to Thessaloniki

A walk through the old and the new beach arrives to breathe one's aura of the city, with a strong presence of both the history and the young and carefree style of today. One can visit the modern museums and galleries as well as the archaeological and Byzantine, holding very important exhibits. Fun ways are countless to satisfy every taste. Detailed descriptions of hotels and everything you need to learn to Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki is its people, the students. Guests of sectoral reports of Helexpo and TIF. Thessaloniki is the long "frappe" coffee at the beach. It is the feeling that "there is nothing new", and interventional group "Wedge" that the original actions of the interrupt routine ... of our urban landscape. It works Metro, and cyclists of which are increasing.

Always so was the town. Layered. Multicultural. Multicolor. The witness the 23 centuries of history, such as "unfold" on the ground floor, in five floors and the roof of the White Tower.
The ride in the past and present of the city continues to paving of pristine beaches on the avenue Victory. The quay was built the Ottoman era and today represents the most beloved around town. The meeting point for tourists, walkers, strollers and bicycles.

Proceeding from the White Tower to the Port and enjoy the sea on one and some of the most beautiful buildings in the city on the other -prospatheis to ignore the thousands of cars that cause permanent congestion in paraliaki- arrive a few minutes in the most central square of Thessaloniki: Aristotle's Square. Square Sunday family ride, political gatherings and concerts. Leaving Aristotle stands in your way Ladadika where attitude is almost mandatory .... Until a few decades ago the streets of the morning housed the wholesale market of the city and in the evening the vulgar love.
Gkourmet, fun, great food, bars, youthful people, walk on the beach, and that if you decide to Thessaloniki will spend amazing.


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