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Special Interest

A .. romantic trip for 2
Ask Us .. Choose one of the most romantic cities in the following pages suggest. We will add to the experience of 25 years and will give you a very beautiful and romantic. Would you close a dinner at a nice restaurant you will be informed of romantic cafes, restaurants and bars. You simply have fun with .. your soul.

A journey of culture and civilization
Ask Us .. Choose one of the cities with many museums and exhibitions, we will add the experience of 25 years and will give you all the information you need. Detailed information about museums, exhibitions are the time you want to travel.

A trip .. full of music, theater
Ask Us .. Detailed information about all musical or theatrical performances, concerts, concerts for the period you want to travel.

A trip .. full regeneration
Ask Us .. Choose one of the spa are proposing. Detailed information about all treatment programs, prices for the period you want to travel.

A trip .. that has it all!
Ask Us ..
Choose one of the cities we will add the experience of 25 years and will give you all the information you need.

Choose a cruise ship trip. Luxury accommodation, great meals and dinners, fun, excursions, good company at the most popular destinations. Ready-made travel deals with specific departures in Greece and around the world. Cabinets are purchased at very low prices and instant confirmation is now available to you. Call us on the phone or send us an email and I will immediately reply ...
All our excursions with groups around the world
Corporate trips. With years of experience in the field, mazi travel & events is your professional partner for organizing and implementing complex and demanding conferences, meetings, corporate meetings, events and travel incentives both in Greece and abroad.
See our suggestions for school trips in Greece and abroad
Youth trips to the Greek islands for the best experience of your life! Discover the top destinations and experience unique carefree moments with your friends or your mate.
Seaworthy fresh start. It can start your life with something unique, something different that you will remember forever. Exciting vibrant cities full of history, attractions, theaters and museums while entertaining offers countless ways, from misofotismena restaurants and bars to an overnight party at famous clubs ..
Individual travels to Theme Parks Have you ever thought of going on a journey into a world completely different? To stay in a medieval castle or in a paramythoupoli, or in a space town? Do you think that all day you have the opportunity through various activities to feel again kid? .. Exete you ever thought of dining inside a fairy restaurant, a restaurant in the Wild West, the restaurant in a space that the other pulls your imagination with the corresponding dish; You think to do with spacecraft flight, or to move a submarine; as; If so, then select a theme Parko.Se trip to all major cities of Europe will find a theme park. We are sure you know the EURODISNEY But you know that next to Strasbourg is one of the biggest theme parks in amazing places. EUROPA PARK. You know that there is next to the Space Bremen city.
For the past 25 years, our company has been providing high quality travel services to clubs,small companies, and large companies who want a program on their own, through a rich list of selected travel destinations in Greece and abroad.
Especially designed for educational purposes, with 25 years of experience in this field, our company serves dozens of language schools in Greece and abroad with remarkable success which is captured by all the students and marks us as the most specialized in the field of training trips.
Religious tourism is not a new concept; it is the oldest and most prevalent form of movement in the history of mankind, as members of all societies have sought to communicate with the divine.
Our company wishing to offer you alternative ways of tourism especially desiged for relaxation in Greece and abroad too.
Have you ever dreamed of traveling in Europe or Greece with a motor caravan? Do you stop as you want, where you want, to stay as long as you want? Now you can ...
Travel for shopping. Find out about the most valuable markets in the world and ... prepare yourself accordingly! See our suggestions Travel whenever you want, stay at the hotel you want, pay as much as you want. The most attractive destinations for shopping with many suggestions for central luxury hotels that will make your trip an unforgettable experience
If you wish to travel autonomously by selecting the sights you see, the time you will spend and have your own means of transport to move when you want and where you want then Autotour is the most appropriate way. Just pick up your car at the airport or hotel and all the roads are open to you. We take care of everything else in order to have a wonderful trip on your feet. Put your GPS route and ... have a good trip.
Vineyards and wineries are visited by dozens of visitors, giving the visitor the opportunity to explore the magical world of wine and wine, to get acquainted with traditional and modern wine making methods and taste unique flavors. Many gourmet destinations worldwide give the journey a different personality that moves around the tastes of each place.
Travel to World Heritage Sites that were date back to the ancient times and not only. They also keep their beauty and the features that make everyone stay open.
Today that distances are getting smaller, traveling to every corner of the globe is feasible for everyone. For some people, a journey is nothing more than a series of answers to three basic questions: where to go, how to get there, what to do when I'm there!
Package tours for sports events. Organized trips for group matches (football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, F1) with groups and for individual travelers. See a range of sports events for you and contact us to organize the trip you wish.
Our company in partnership with one of the largest fleets of vehicles offers organized trips with vans.
Action & Adventure travel is a type of alternative tourism that includes all those activities that are marked by the element of adventure and are based on the particular nature of the natural environment in which they take place. This is the ideal choice for those who live loudly!
Our company has the ability to plan to organize and implement the event you wish (professional evening, product presentation, celebrations, celebrations, personalized events), taking care of your personal and social obligations, thus covering your own desires and needs your.

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